google…wake up and smell the tweets

Don’t know about you but I am tired of Google telling me that it found a gazillion hits to my query. More often that less, the results are scattered, fragmented, lack context and are just plain wrong. A scary trend that I have noticed is that I hardly ever go beyond the first page of results. If nothing interesting pops up on the first page, I usually end up changing my query string. Even scarier (to Google) is that lately I am posting my questions and queries to my twitterati and the results, although not as many as in number as on Google, are definitely one’s that I tend to trust more readily. Why? because they are from people I know (or will know in the future). All this translates into a few important and powerful things:

  1. I am spending less time on
  2. My trust in Google’s ability to find me relevant information is dwindling
  3. Google is not helping me
In a world where budgets, valuations and spending is determined by how much time users are spending on your site, this is not a good trend for Google. After all, it was due to its “superior results” that Google took over the world from Yahoo, Ask, Lycos, Alta Vista, etc. Till now, there wasn’t anything out there that could challenge Google’s expansive reach and cross linking capabilities. Now we have Twitter. What is  twitter you ask? Take a gander….the video is a year old but still does an excellent job of explaining the basic premise. Someone somewhere posted this: facebook=people you knew and twitter=people you will know. How true! How and why does this matter to Google? After all, the search behemoth “owns” our online world. Dead wrong. It owns our world today. If twitter’s 900% per quarter growth rates continue, my prediction is that users will move away from text search and will start to rely on their network of trust for answers. Think about it, if you were to ask a simple enough question to Google “which movie should I watch tonight?”, will Google be able to give you an answer that will be satisfactory? Now ask this question to your twitterati and sure enough, you will get an answer that you are bound to trust more…just like in real life. What’s more important is that after you’re done with the movie, you’ll go back and comment on the recommendation, how often does that happen on Google? I think of Google as a library. It has it’s place in my life but I don’t to there everyday…but my friends I call and connect with on a daily basis, and that’s what Twitter is to me, a connection with my friends. Twitter’s success will lie in the fact that it mimics what we do in daily life and extends that further by allowing  interaction with people, people whom I’ve never met or had the chance of meeting. The ability to build and use these networks is what makes Twitter so powerful. Now if the folks behind Twitter can show ways on how they can monetize their creation, we’ve got the makings of the next big buzz.

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